About doctorfou.com

André J

The first file from doctorfou.com was created on June 26th 2001. It was the beginning of a great adventure that started around a blue character named Doctor Fou and invented back in high school.

doctorfou.com is where I list all the personal projects and games I had the opportunity to release at some point in my life. This website represents a lot of what I learned over the years. I worked as a designer and a web developer in many companies but was never able to stop creating projects on my own. My main passion is and will probably always be entertainment.

Some of the projects on the website are no longer available because of compatibility issues and others were just taking too much time so I had to let them go at some point. I am still very thankful for the experience, the fun and all the feedback I had with each one.

Today I am almost exclusively dedicated to working on ROOM ESCAPE MAKER, as it has developped to be a major tool to create escape games online. Little did I know that my personal files for editing games could be helpful if published for everybody to have fun with.

I hope you enjoy exploring this website. You can follow doctorfou.com on Twitter and learn more about me on LinkedIn.

- André J.