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Find all Room Escape games created by poolman54.


  • EscapeThis2 by poolman54 You were locked in Zelda and Link's house by accident. Click on objects to find clues which will free you. Average Rating: 85.1% (214 votes) Displayed 2966 times
  • Ratrod Escape by poolman54 You want to go out cruising but your wife locked the car keys in a safe and went shopping! Solve puzzles, get the key and leave! Average Rating: 86.8% (155 votes) Displayed 2783 times
  • Kidnapped by poolman54 This one is short...but not so sweet. Your friend was kidnapped by human organ thieves.You found the house. Now rescue him! Average Rating: 85.8% (143 votes) Displayed 1986 times
  • Escape This 1 by poolman54 Try to find six gems and then the key to open the door to freedom. Average Rating: 84.7% (165 votes) Displayed 1952 times
  • Easter 2014 Escape by poolman54 For not believing in the Easter Bunny, your parents locked you in the house until you do. Will you finally believe and escape? Average Rating: 86.1% (123 votes) Displayed 1858 times
  • Arcade Escape by poolman54 You were accidentally locked in the arcade. Have fun while solving puzzles to escape. I hope you enjoy this one! Average Rating: 85% (113 votes) Displayed 1803 times