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  • Freezerburn Room by ThisThing Use items from around the room to break your way out of this kitchen! Average Rating: 73.4% (9 votes) Displayed 1277 times
  • Alphametic Room by ThisThing Stuck in a room full of word equations to test your escaping skills, prove your worth and solve your way out! Average Rating: 66.7% (3 votes) Displayed 1089 times
  • Trick or Treat Room by ThisThing Locked in a haunted graveyard on Halloween night, escape if you dare, lest you join the ghouls.... Average Rating: 64% (5 votes) Displayed 1060 times
  • Monopoly Room by ThisThing Use your classic US board game knowledge and lateral thinking skills to get out of this room! Average Rating: 60% (3 votes) Displayed 969 times Monopoly RoomMonopoly Room by ThisThing
  • Naughty or Nice Room by ThisThing You are Santa Claus; entering one house, the chimney collapsed behind you and you dropped your gifts. Deliver them and escape! Average Rating: 60% (3 votes) Displayed 937 times Naughty or Nice RoomNaughty or Nice Room by ThisThing